Ducati E-Bikes today reach the highest performance on every route and testify to the goal of offering unique and meaningful experiences. A journey that began together with partner Thok E-Bikes in 2019 and which in 2022 will further enrich the range of models available.

The MIG-S, the All Mountain that adopts the new Shimano EP8 engine and renewed components, making it even more performing, versatile and fun on every trail.

The TK-01RR, the "top of the range" E-Enduro with top-level components for an even more extreme enduro. This is accompanied by the new limited edition version, designed to enhance the performance of all downhill enthusiasts.

And finally, the Futa, the big news of 2022, or the first E-Road bike according to Ducati. Characterized by technical solutions and high quality components that fully embody the Ducati style. Also available in limited edition.